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rain falling up, a modern oratorio for children, dumbworld, Matthew Robins, Brian Irvine, John McIlDuff

RAIN FALLING UP is a modern oratorio for children, music by Brian Irvine, words by John McIlduff, and live shadow puppet animations by Matthew Robins.  Rain Falling Up is a Dumbworld production and was first performed in 2010 at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast and has subsequently been performed across Europe.  

“An astonishing piece of work … captivating … inspiring” - BBC Sounds Classical Magazine 

“Utterly Charming … Amazing” - Belfast Telegraph

“It was brilliant” - Conal McCord, St Kieran’s Primary School, Poleglass, Co Antrim

When Jake breaks his Mum’s favourite vase, he tries to explain to her that it was not entirely his fault. Gravity, he explained to her, was half to blame. His Mum, however, is having none of his excuses and sends him to his room where Jake invents a switch to turn off gravity.

After working together on Rain Falling Up I collaborated again with John and Brian on another oratorio with shadow puppets - Bluebottle (2014), a collection of songs and puppet pieces - A Most Peculiar Wintry Thing (2014), and a stop-motion animation, Peter, Lily and the Nose (2013), as well as a limited edition hand-made book to celebrate the most recent performance of Rain Falling Up at Ulster Hall.


Here is a selection of puppets and scenes from Rain Falling Up:

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