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"The whole thing feels like watching a silent movie in which every aspect has been created by a wayward child genius."

The Guardian

Matthew Robins live at the National Theatre in 2010 - here projecting a shadow puppet from Flyboy and the Robot

We returned the following year with new stories and since then I have continued to develop this show, taking it around the country and performing in art galleries, theatres and museums, from Tate Britain to a horsebox in Nottingham Forest, via the Barbican Theatre, Mile End Cemetery, and the BBC World Service.  

If you want to catch it live then check out the tour dates page for my sporadic performance schedule.

Also you can contact me here to book the show.

Since 2008 I have been touring and performing an ever-evolving live show, with musicians and puppeteers.  


Combining shadow puppets, songs, animations, made-up games, story-telling, and competitive audience crafting sessions, my shows are episodic and tell the continuing story of Flyboy, and his friend Mothboy, as well as other stories about monsters, love, death, and the ocean.


The show is my ongoing attempt to be Garrison Keillor, Bette Midler and Sesame Street all at once.  

Together with my band we did our first performances at the National Theatre's summer outdoor festival Watch This Space, projecting the shadow puppets 70ft high on the side of the flytower. 

Matthew Robins live - shadow puppets made by Matthew Robins, Flyboy and Mothboy, a snake bit my hand

here are some more pictures and videos:

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