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"Matthew is an incredible artist and teacher - he has led numerous workshops and courses at LAT and each and every one has been well attended and highly praised.  Knowledgeable, patient and fun - I really cannot recommend him enough."

  Samantha Lane, Artistic Director, Little Angel Theatre

"It’s really important for undergraduates to meet practitioners who challenge perceptions of what’s possible when you enter the creative industries. Matthew’s unique and authentic creative practice exemplifies this."

  Phil Trennery, Senior Lecturer, Arts University Plymouth

"Matthew is a unique mentor given his broad knowledge of puppetry, music, film and fine arts. He tunes into the artists' intent, and supports with technical and creative options from subtle details to the whole. His enthusiasm and wit encouraged us to complete our original 30 minute long puppet film."

  David and Anca, Leaven Dream Puppets

"As a mentor Matthew gave me relevant and inspiring comments and suggestions that helped develop my show and find new perspective on some technical problems. His advice was very valuable and also gave me licence and confidence to experiment and pursue my creative ideas."

  Alena Skalova, Missing Pages Theatre

Are you lost? Wondering what you should be doing next?  Or what you should be doing at all?  Would you benefit from having someone to be accountable to in your work - someone to bounce ideas off or to get a fresh perspective on a process that has gone a bit stale?  I have over 10 years of experience mentoring artists and my coaching for individuals is tailored around you and helping you find what you are looking for - whether you are a professional artist, a vocational artist, or if you're fitting in art-making around the rest of your life.


Maybe you're a painter, a musician, a dancer, garden-designer, writer, composer, director, chef, comedian, a film-maker, a puppet-maker, photographer, or an animator . . . get in touch and we can discuss if this might be right for you.  

My coaching can focus on your a specific project, or embrace your art life as a whole.  

would you like some help?
what I can't do

Do your work for you

Have your ideas for you

Tell you what to do

what I can do

Help you find focus

Talk through ideas at any stage of them existing

Point out ways forward that might not have occurred to you

Be the arbitrary deadline you need to get something finished

Give you the space to talk to somebody sane without judgement, even if you think your ideas are crazy.

 - and together we can answer the questions:

how do I do the thing I want to do? Should I be doing this, or doing that instead?  What should I do with this?  How do i finish this?  How do I start?  Why am I even doing it? 

I offer one-off or regular sessions to suit your needs - they can take place weekly, monthly, or over a timeframe that works best for you.


Sessions are £50 and typically last one hour and take place over video chat (skype, or google meets) but phone calls are also fine, as well as in-person sessions if this works geographically (I live in Cornwall).  If you'd like something different, get in touch and we can discuss what you're looking for.  I'm open to haggling if you really can't afford the full price but are genuine and take your work seriously.

To arrange a session or if you have any questions please get in touch with me here:  

Thanks for submitting!

Matthew has been working as a professional artist since the age of 15 and has over 10 years of experience mentoring artists, as well as teaching classes and running group workshops based on his art-practice for theatres, universities and institutions including The National Theatre, University of Connecticut, Little Angel Theatre, the Natural History Museum, Pestival, The House of Fairytales, Unicorn Theatre, Duckie, and Arts University Plymouth.  

"Matthew's understanding of how to share his creative process in participatory projects is exemplary; the short film he made for children to create their own collage animation is fun, inspirational and beautifully structured ensuring accessibility to all children and teachers. Working in collage allowed even those who describe themselves as not artistic to play, create and make something beautiful and surprising. 

Feedback from the teacher training session was exceptional; the teachers loved the training and resources and left the session animated, inspired and feeling fully confident to take the project back into their classrooms."

  Cath Greenwood, Director of Learning and Participation/Learning Associate Unicorn Theatre 2006 - 2021 

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