Simple Song - official musi video for Passenger, animated and directed by Matthew Robins

Simple Song is the second of 3 stop-motion music videos I made for Passenger in 2017, taken from his album The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Passenger and his management wanted the story for the first video (The Boy Who Cried Wolf) to reflect the title of the song but were happy for me to come up with my own story for Simple Song, which is why it is about spaghetti hoops and yetis.  If you want to make your own spaghetti hoops suitable for animating a frame at a time just mix together KY jelly, orange food colouring, and thin slices of half-cooked bucatini.

click here to see the third film I made for Passenger, a double-animation - Thunder & Lightning/Lanterns

Here are some of my concept drawings and some of the props I made in my studio in Bethnal Green, London: